Persuasive Essay On Teenage Smoking

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What is smoking? Smoking is an unhealthy act in which a substance is burned and the resulting smoke to be breathed in and absorbed into the bloodstream. Smoking is an addiction that can be extremely difficult to break. It can cause many major negative effects on a persons life in a short amount of time. Smoking is a harmful and financially reckless addiction that should be prevented at all costs, especially in young teenagers. Cigarettes are made from a variety of harmful substances. For starters, there are over 4000 chemicals in one single cigarette. Nicotine, Carbon Monoxide, and Arsenic are only three of the many poisonous structures within a single cigarette. These few things alone can already cause such damage. A question someone might ask would be: “If smoking is so harmful, why would someone pick up their first cigarette in the first place?” Smoking is a big deal this time of age. Teenagers describe smoking as something cool and fun to do. People see everyone around them smoking, making it seem like smoking is okay. Sometimes seeing a parent or a role model smoke can make it seem okay as well. Other times the person may not want to smoke but feel pressured into it because of peer pressure; this happens to be more common with teenagers. A few teenagers smoke for the attention of it. Others smoke because of their curiosity on what its like to smoke. Many people smoke because they are stressed or nervous; this is mostly common with adults. Lastly, a simple reason
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