Persuasive Essay On Texting And Driving

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The 21st century is an era where technology is supreme and advancing and almost everyone has a cell phone. Cell phones are used for everything such as talking, communicating, playing games, but something that is constantly on the rise is texting. A problem that arises because of this issue is texting and driving as the technological advances of the twenty-first century make way into society. Texting while driving takes up a significant percentage of all distracted driving cases. The lives of pedestrians, other drivers, homeowners, animal life and the drivers themself are at risk in these hazardous situations. Many people might not consider texting and driving as a risky act, however it can be worse than drunk driving at times. Additionally, it can take a person's attention away from the road and can cause accidents which can cost a large number in repairs and compensation. If a person texts and drives, many unwanted situations can result. Texting while driving should be illegal because it is more dangerous than other types of distraction-affected driving, it is responsible for millions of dollars needed to pay in insurance and the money needed to pay for damage and it could lead to dangerous consequences. Texting while driving can greatly limit reaction time. It takes longer to react while texting and driving compared to drinking while driving. When driving at 35 mph, a young person (20s) would take about .52 sec to brake while texting and .46 sec while impaired which translates to 3 more feet travelled texting than impaired (Austin, 1). While the result might not seem significant, 3 feet is the difference between a near crash or a fatality, so texting and driving must be eliminated for the safety of everyone on the road or in the street. The statistics are even worse for an older person (mid 30s) because it takes 1.36 sec to brake while texting and .64 sec while impaired, which translates to 41 extra feet while texting and 7 extra feet while impaired (Austin, 1). The fact that a person can travel up to 30 feet more while texting than impaired should be enough to discourage texting while driving because the amount of damage and harm that could be caused. 77% of young adults think
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