Persuasive Essay On Texting And Driving

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Every state has its own laws, some pass the same laws and others do not. A law in other words is considered to be a rule, in the United States different states follow various rules. A very controversial topic is the banning of texting while driving in the United States. Many states already have made texting and driving illegal. In fact every state has distracted driving laws but not all ban texting while driving, even though it is one of the highest causes for accidents in the United States (“Facts About Texting and Driving”). Texting and Driving has become a problem in today’s society, there are many causes for it, arguments about it, but there are many ideas for a solution. Texting and Driving is a distraction and there are many causes for texting and driving in the U.S. For any problem there is a cause and texting and driving is caused by a few main factors. Twenty years ago the issue of texting and driving would cease to exist, the addiction that people have to their phones is new to society (“Facts About Texting and Driving”). Numerous people are not aware that this addiction can be harmful to themselves or other people. Various states may not be educating their drivers on what the effects of texting while driving actually are and how fatal they can be. It is important for drivers to see how texting while driving may affect other people; the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration brings attention to that, ”The risky behavior poses a danger to vehicle
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