Persuasive Essay On The American Dream

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Americans hold the concept of individuality very near and dear to their hearts, but despite backgrounds and disparities that accompany them, all Americans share one commonality. They possess the ability to achieve the American dream through perseverance. The American dream represents an opportunity to live up to one’s full potential through hard work and persistence, regardless of their background. Citizens that devote a willingness to take advantage of opportunity that presents itself, will reap the rewards of the American dream, even though it might not develop effortlessly. For those presenting ambition to strive for it, the American dream stands welcoming and attainable for all.
First and foremost, education remains imperative in influencing an individual's opportunity to prosper. Free public schools display the same opportunity to each student, but how individuals make use of those opportunities will determine their prospects of accomplishing the American dream. Even children of illegal immigrants have access to free education in America. High schools nationwide that provide college credit classes along with low cost public universities and community colleges leave no excuse for not acquiring a meaningful education.
The American dream does not just include financial prosperity either, but lifelong happiness and fulfillment that education endorses. As shown in “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the American dream and accomplishments in life cannot be limited by
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