Persuasive Essay On The American Dream

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The phrase “The American Dream” is relatively old and has a long history, and although its ideas has changed tremendously throughout the centuries, it still holds great meaning behind it. It not only symbolizes financial success, but having the freedom to live independently. For some, living the American Dream means having justice, material possession, or just pursuing everlasting happiness. The new American Dream requires you to earn opportunity, and is has been more difficult for others based on their social standing, ethnicity, and race to obtain; as opposed to the past American Dream which involved optimism and hope for a better life. Each source clearly demonstrates the need for determination and willpower to overcome barriers and obstacles of life.
In the early years of America, the concept of money and fame was not the American Dream. For the Puritan minister, John Winthrop, the American Dream was love and unity, creating a utopian society based on Christian ideals. Throughout A Model of Christian Charity, Winthrop quotes the Bible to prove that the particular lifestyle of loving and giving is the only way to obtain such an outstanding utopian society. In A Model of Christian Charity, Matthew 7:12: says, “Whatsoever ye would that men should to you”, creating equality within’ the world (Winthrop, 25). Winthrop believed that if people were to unite in love, they will be able to change the world in a more positive manner. Furthermore, he believed the Lord created individuals such as the rich, poor, the powerful, and the weak to help each other with each of their different strengths. In conclusion, it presented exactly how the Puritans should treat one another as it would benefit the colonies overall survival. Not only did Winthrop want his colony to survive, but wanted to set a good example to everyone else. This was his vision of the perfect American Dream.
Benjamin Franklin demonstrates the possibilities of life in the New World through his own rise from lower middle class as a youth to one of the most admired men in the world. The American Dream for Franklin was to be self-made and make America more remarkable. Franklin states, “I had, on the whole, abundant reason to be satisfied with my being
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