Persuasive Essay On The Avengers

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To stay occupied during my mom’s time off from work, she watched many movies, listened to music, and watched television shows. Popular movies during this time were Air Bud: Golden Receiver, Blade, and The Avengers ("Movies Released in 1998”). Among these movies, the most recognized today would be The Avengers. This movie was nominated for 16 awards but it only received 2. Usually a movie is recognized for its good qualities but this film on particular was nominated for the worst awards possible. The two awards that it won were the Razzie Award for worst remake or sequel and the stinkers bad movie award for worst sense of direction (“The Avengers”). It’s a surprise that this series still continues today. Recently released was another sequel to the series Avengers: Age of Ultron which had 36…show more content…
In 1998, the new toys that everyone wanted included Teletubbies, the Bouncing Tigger, play soldier figures, Bug’s Life toys, the Game Boy Color, 3-D Jigsaw Puzzles, and Furbys (“Hot New Toys in 1998”). The most popular of the new toys was the Furby. The toy was designed to be an electronic that could “learn English” and to be a calm friend. They were also individualized due to the fact that each Furby had a different name, eye color, and voice. In the first couple years of release, over 40 million Furbies were sold but in 2002 the toy was discontinued (“Furby 1998”). The Game Boy Color was another popular toy of this time. It was talked about so much because it was the first Game Boy released with color in the games, hence the name. It was $79.99 when first released (Strietelmeier, Julie 1). This toy would be comparable to the Playstation and Xbox that are popular today. I remember when my brother got his Game Boy Color. He was so excited and protective of the toy. No one else could touch it besides him. Today, his love of video games continues as he as since gotten into the Xbox

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