Persuasive Essay On The Ban On Junk Food

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Junk food is becoming an extremely sensitive topic in the United States. Cookies, candy, and fast food are all considered junk food. It is all bad for someone's diet and is very addictive. There are various debates on rather it should be allowed in schools or even advertised to children. This topic is so severe that the US government could be violating the first amendment to prevent a further outbreak of the food being eaten at such high rates and young ages. Junk food is a nationwide problem and a subject that has many different effects on schools and businesses.
The ban on vending machines is costing schools a lot of money. A school in Seattle is considering relaxing its ban on junk food in vending machines. They were making over $200,000 before the ban on junk food and now are only making $17,000 from vending machines. Their ban on vending machines is stronger than the national guidelines and only allows for natural juice, milk, and baked chips. The student government is arguing the ban is costing the school a loss of hundreds of thousand dollars. This loss of money is causing major increased fees for sports and student activities, and cancellation of programs. They promised to make up the revenue they lost for various school activities but never did. The cost to join school sports and activities is too high for schools on the South End because the general income is lower and they can’t afford to participate or pay to watch. The schools in Seattle are struggling to make
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