Persuasive Essay On The Board Of Education In Public Education

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America is known as the land of opportunity, it is the home of the belief system called the American dream. Many immigrants left their homeland in hope for a better future for themselves and their kids, only to realize that the public education in America, is dead. In order to revive our dead public education system, some changes need to be made.
According to, a national public radio that serves as a national syndicator, in the years 2014-2015, the graduation rate in U.S. high schools, was at an all time high of 83.2 percent. The nation's graduation rate keeps increasing, but what happened to the no child left behind policy? Has America forgotten those who did not make it to the 83.2 percent? In order to improve the public education system in the United states, the board of education should focus on preparing the students for both the SAT and ACT. The board should approach active learning as a way to decrease the dropout rate in High schools. and congress should pass a law that bans anyone under the age of eighteen from getting a job.
The ACT, is a standardized test for high school achievements and college readiness. The test was first taken in nineteen fifty nine and today, it is offered six times a year. ACT scores range from of a score of one to thirty-six. One meaning how terrible one did, and thirty-six, meaning how well one did. Unfortunately, Mary Beth Marklein, an author for USA Today, stated, “Average scores on the nation's most widely used college

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