Persuasive Essay On The Cost Of College

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In today’s society, college is a necessity for anyone to succeed in life. College is something that is emphasized through children’s childhood and years in school for students to work hard and aim towards college and success. Not only is it stressed by parents, but teachers and mentors also give the college speech at some point in a child’s life. Although college is expressed and viewed as being the stepping stone for becoming successful, it is never emphasized how much stress comes along with it. Teachers do not give the rundown of application fees, tuition, room and board, food, and being able balance social life with school. However, the real issue that a majority of undergraduate student’s face is the enormous expense of college, along with the other essentials that accompany the expense of attending college. Being unable to afford college trails a lot of other dilemmas such as failing grades, mental health problems, and withdrawing from college entirely. Tuition is outrageously expensive coming from students in every college level education. That is said to be necessary for me to succeed in my career. In this economy there are not many jobs available which is why companies look for the most qualified workers with a degree(s). An article in the Washington post on the University of Colorado law professor Paul F. Capos states “…The astonishing rise in college tuition correlates closely with a huge increase in public subsidies for higher education.” (Gabriel “Washington
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