Persuasive Essay On The Cost Of Government Education

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The Chicago study estimated the cost of that intervention to be between three and six thousand dollars per student each academic year. (Cook, et al., 2014) There are a multitude of ways the programs can be paid for. Government education grants and fund raisers are a couple of beginning ideas. People such as educational faculty and students, preachers, and therapists, offering donations of time is another way to save on the financial burden. The community being directly involved in these programs give them a sense of pride to see the improvements. It also gives them culpability if the programs fail. When community support declines, even in a minute amount, can be felt throughout. Many complete education courses while incarcerated to gain a shorter sentence and better prepare them for release. Having an incentive program, through government grants, that donates to the inmate’s child(ren)s school upon completion is another way to increase profit.
Charter schools have proven statistically to be beneficial in urban area. This has not come without dissenting opinion from others. Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Ky has been debating Charter schools for many months after House Bill 520 was introduced. Gay Adelman, the co-founder of a group called Dear JCPS, says “Charters have proven to be a detour and a failed experiment, a diversionary tactic that already burst the bubble in many other states and creates a dual bureaucracy and opens the door for waste, fraud and
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