Persuasive Essay On The Day School Should Start

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This paper explores 11 distinct online articles that discuss different online studies and psychological facts about whether or not delaying school days actually benefit anyone. The online articles, however, use various statements from several official organizations. Some examples of organizations you will find in this paper include quotes and declarations from the federal Centers for Disease Control(CDC) and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine(AASM). Both of these organizations have tackled their own views about how much sleep a student should be getting and what time schools should start. According to Emily Richmond’s article, schools play an essential role in daily schedules for everyone, not just students. This paper examines research to suggest that this is a topic that is worthy to receive education on. We need to fully understand more about the biological makeup of the brain in relation to how late in the morning schools should start.
“School districts set students up for failure by endorsing traditional school schedules,” Elizabeth Malatesta included this quote, from Pamela McKeever’s study about delayed school times, in her article. School should start later because it will benefit the students and allow them to have a regulated sleeping schedule. This has always been a pretty large debate, but new studies and doctors just started speaking out about it within the last few years. People argue about later school because some see that the benefits outweigh the
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