Persuasive Essay On The Death Penalty

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According to, as of July 1st, 2017 there were approximately 2,817 prisoners on death row. says that, as of now, the death penalty is only legal in 31 out of the 50 states. Did you know that the average death row inmate will spend roughly 15 years in prison before they meet their final day; nearly a quarter of death row inmates die of natural causes while waiting for execution, and exhausting all of their appeals? How about that in Virginia death row inmates are now able to play games, watch TV, send emails, and have physical contact with visitors along with much more? Death row is for criminals that have committed heinous crimes and have been convicted by 12 unanimous jurors to death. So, why give them that many privileges? According to Corey Fedde from, Victor Glasberg, a death row inmate's attorney from Virginia stated, ¨These kinds of things are meaningful when so very little things are granted to the inmates." He later stated that ¨While they're still on Earth they should still be treated as humans." While many people believe that the death penalty should be banned, they are also in favor of better living conditions and more privileges for them. I, on the other hand, am not. The death penalty should be limited, but not illegal, and the living conditions should not be altered. Before going in depth about the benefits of having the death penalty, it's important to first talk about the background. First, the death penalty is
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