Persuasive Essay On The Death Penalty

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Let’s set the scene,you come from a loving suburban family living in a nice neighborhood where barely any danger occurs. The family consists of your father, your mother, you and your younger sister. One day you arrive home and something is off, your sister hasn’t come home from school and your parents are panicking. They decided to call the cops. Days pass and there is still no sign of your sister. Finally a week and a half passes and the body finally turns up. The autopsy finds seman samples on the body and hand marks around her neck. The police report gets back to your family, and your younger sister was raped and murdered. Later that week, that man responsible was caught, arrested and on trial for the death penalty. The decision is in your hands.Do you send this man to death or have him spend the rest of his life in prison. Is there a right decision? Has justice been served? These are questions that one must ask themselves when dealing with a issue as strong as this. It is morally right for an individual to be sentenced to death if they commit such a heinous crime. In today’s society, the death penalty is rare,if not just a part in history.To many people, the concept of capital punishment is inhumane and should completely be abolished. Many people tend to believe that there are better moral alternatives than sentencing someone to death. Even though any victim's family would rather revenge, this isn’t the “right thing” to do. Simonovic states that “the death penalty

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