Persuasive Essay On The Death Penalty

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The death penalty may seem harsh, but it's more than necessary in our country. This punishment deters other criminals and other crimes from happening. Innocent lives will be saved if we execute vile criminals with this punishment since they can no longer hurt or terrorize others. Criminals deserve to have their life taken since they've taken others and their rights. The death penalty is necessary since it deters criminals, save others, and make criminals pay for what they've done.
Seeing other criminals, like murderers, rapists, and terrorist, perish under the death penalty would scare other would-be criminals. The death penalty would set an example for other criminals from committing heinous crimes. With the death penalty, there are
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Knowing that their attacker is gone and no one else would be attack sends a feeling of relief to the survivors and others. With criminals being executed by the death penalty, “homicides decreased by five to six, while there are 18 fewer murders every year, saving other innocent lives from being taken” (Jacob). Executing criminals stops others from perishing unnecessarily. The purpose of the death penalty isn't just to protect citizens and tell them right from wrong, but to also ensure that injustice will be upheld and punished (Dastur). Knowing that criminals get punished according to their crimes bring justice and peace to those affected and those who have lost their life.
Only the worst criminals deserve this sort of punishment. Those who rape, murder, terrorize, and abuse others all know what they're doing is against the law, therefore they need the worst punishment. For an example, India has many cases of rape and child abuse in their country. “There should be a default sentence to those who rape or sexually assault women, resulting in the victim's death and for those who hurt a child and a child ends up dead” (Shan). Many citizens in India feel as if there should be harsher laws and punishments for these criminals. Without it, our country would be the same as India. With no harsh punishments, there would be “no disincentive from other criminals killing each other or prison guards” (Denver Post). It wouldn't make our country safe
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