Persuasive Essay On The Death Penalty

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There is a great deal of controversy that surrounds the concept of the death penalty. The death penalty is permitted by the United States government and most citizens view it as a cruel punishment. In fact, the death penalty is not a deterrent to crimes, violates the rights of humans, and is not enforced fairly. Multiple studies show that the death penalty is not an effective way to prevent crimes (Masci). Over half of the states who enforce the death penalty have a higher rate of homicide than states that have abolished it. There are also criminals who continue to repeat the same crime because certain states will only allow the death penalty for certain crimes. Most criminals who are facing the death penalty have a mental illness or were under the influence (Clifford). Data shows that fifteen percent of the inmates in the United States who are looking to be executed suffer from a mental illness. These criminals often are not thinking clearly about what they are doing and what the consequences of the crime will be. In trials where the criminal has had a mental illness, he or she does not remember what happened or did not seek proper treatment. In approximately nine states, there have been various bill proposal to prohibit people who suffer from a mental illness from the death penalty. Typical cases that involve the death penalty are mistakes, over a quarter of the inmates on the list to be executed were wrongfully convicted (Banner). The common cause for
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