Persuasive Essay On The Education System

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The United States education system presents proposed education reforms with the intention of strengthening the education system for all American students. The United States seeks to teach children with a focus on quality education, creativity and critical thinking, and self-development and empowerment; preparing students to be active and engaged citizens. The United States has built a foundation of universal education; unlike many other countries, all American children are entitled to a free and public education. Children are ensured an education in the United States regardless of disability, socioeconomic status, academic achievement, or immigrant status. Despite intentions to provide high quality education for all students there are areas in which the United States falls short compared to our neighbors nationally. As Andreas Schleicher, a scientist with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development states, it is in our benefit to look “outside for ways to improve, questioning the established wisdom” (Ripley, 2016).
The United States can look to some of the world’s top performing countries to gain insight regarding effective educational practices. In 2015 15-year-olds from 72 countries took the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) test. The PISA is an international assessment, first administered in 2000, evaluates math, reading, and science abilities of students nationally. However, unlike other national standardized tests, the PISA does
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