Persuasive Essay On The Effectiveness Of A President After The President

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Only allowing a President two terms is in itself very demeaning. Regardless of their effect and influence, their days are inevitably numbered. History shows that previous Presidents have had very effective years towards the end of the first term. The following term being terrible due to the microscope challenging them daily. All ideas or promises presented during each campaign cannot be accomplished in four calendar years, let alone the four gained after re-election. The president’s success lies in the society of America. Many people feel that challenging our founding fathers and the amendment is disrespectful or unnecessary, but the current way has shown a negative outcome for previous Presidents. If future Presidential candidates had no limit, but a stipulation before returning to the office after the first two terms, we as American citizens would have an effective country. The effectiveness of a President after his second term is massively impaired. In light of the fact that he cannot run again, respect and obedience for the President declines drastically. The limit creates a mindset that challenges the President's standpoint and views. Limits open up an overload of criticism that wouldn’t be present if Presidential candidates were allowed another 4 years to continue his vision. Despite the fact Presidents have always been limited to 8 years in office, the limit should be raised to allow candidates access to their full potential. Presidential candidates are basically on
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