Persuasive Essay On The First Flight

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When Miguel appeared at the flight school where I was an instructor, there was no indication of the relationship we would develop or of the adventures to come. I would have laughed at anyone crazy enough to suggest that within a year he and I would pilot a single engine plane from Phoenix, Arizona to Santiago, Chile. No one could have predicted that along the way a woman in a remote village would try to give us her baby or that we would find ourselves buzzing an airstrip to chase away festival celebrants so we could land. The school offered a lesson called An Intro Flight. Even though it wasn’t really a lesson, the school advertised it as such and offered it at a discount. The owners were hoping to entice people who’d never been up in a small plane to try the experience. Of course, the reason behind the lesson was the belief that after the flight, people would fall in love with flying and sign up for a series of lessons. The promotion was a joke. Earning a private pilot’s license involves 40 or more hours of flight time, qualifying grades on written examinations, and passing a practical application test known as a check ride. There is also an oral exam. Oh, and the cost exceeds $5,000. With one exception, people attracted by the $35.00 lesson never signed up for another at full price; so they certainly wouldn’t commit to the additional time, effort, and expense of earning a certificate. Unlike most schools, filled with teenagers dreaming of growing up to be
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