Persuasive Essay On The Fox

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Scrutiny over skin colour seems ever so prevalent, the idea of diverse culture is ignored unless it is the white way; otherwise, it is too primitive. In a foreign land, guns and white skin give the right to rip children away from their families and culture. Yet it is for their own good, is it not?
The children are like little birds trapped in a fallen nest and about to become prey to something new. A new predator that they haven’t seen, but with its appearance it forces its new ways onto those around it. A fox does not belong in the bush, yet it holds so much power due to its foreign weaponry. Birds were never the prey to foxes in the bush. But the fox comes to the bush and now little birds squeal in vain for their mothers to save them from this hidden villain. Hidden in the undergrowth, the fox watches its prey. There is fear in the little birds’ eyes but cunning and cruelty in the fox's amber eyes. Every action of the fox is a cruel trick with the fox only planning for the chicks’ demise.
With ears pricked up, the fox listens for its food’s cries. A cool breeze blows toward the fox carrying the birds’ scent and disguising the fox’s presence, it is a hidden spectre with malicious intentions. Its glass-like amber eyes free of guilt and only focused on its prey, they don’t show emotion they just give a dead stare. Every movement is planned, nothing ever left to chance. The fox is poised to pounce, its body close to the ground with the fur on its belly brushing against leaf
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