Persuasive Essay On The Great Bear Rainforest

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Is your ideal vacation to a place where it’s easy to forget skyscrapers exist? Or where crowded theme parks and restaurant chains are non-existent? Or where wildlife outnumbers people? If answered 'yes' to any of these then the Great Bear Rainforest would be a vacation dream come true. From fishing to sightseeing to kayaking to hiking to eating local cuisine, this destination offers it all for those seeking remote destinations. The Great Bear Rainforest is located in British Columbia, Canada. It is remote yet easy to access by car, plane, or ferry from Vancouver. It is a 12- 14 hour drive or a 75 minute flight from Vancouver to Bella Coola. By ferry the travel time depends on the ports and the stops made in the process. Bella Coola is the main tourism hub for lodging and dining in the Great Bear Rainforest. Also located in Bella Coola is the main -----visitor center-----, where visitors can learn more about what the forest has to offer, the First Nations that inhabit it, and book activities to partake in. One option is to participate in learning about one of the aboriginal tribes’ culture, art, and lifestyle______ But before it was a remote tourist destination, it was threatened by logging companies hoping to make countless profits off of the 1,000 year old trees. The Great Bear Rainforest is a thriving twenty-one million-acre forest. This ecosystem is the largest temperate rainforest and represents a quarter of all coastal temperate rainforests worldwide.(CITE) In the

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