Persuasive Essay On The Health Care System

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The health care system in the U.S. is not providing patients with the high quality care they are capable of giving. There is a gap between the health care system we have now and the system we could potentially have. One factor contributing to this gap is due to the vast advancements in technology and medical science. With new technology and systems comes more to teach, more to know, more to manage, and so forth. Faced with these rapid changes, the U.S. health care delivery system has fallen short in its ability to express knowledge into practice and apply new technology in a safe way (Crossing the Quality). As members of the health care system we can help improve the quality of care given to patients by following the Institute of Medicine’s six aims for improvement and the 2017 National Patient Safety Goals.
Improving Quality of Care
Six Aims for Improvement The Institute of Medicine listed six aims for improvement which include safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable care. As a nurse safety is a top priority for your patient. You want to keep your patient free from any injury or harm. Implementation of safety can be accomplished by making sure the upper bed rails are raised and the bed is in low position when leaving a patient’s room, this will help to decrease the risk of falls. Effective care can be accomplished by providing evidenced-based care to patients who will benefit and to refrain from providing it to patients who will not
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