Persuasive Essay On The Holocaust

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Jayson Weber
Ms. Schlak
Holocaust Essay Nobody really can get through life without help, eventually along the way there is something thrown our way that we cannot deal with alone. When you look back at one of the most confusing and unfair times in the world's history, the Holocaust, you can see that this was true for all of the families affected. George Gottlieb, Krystyna, and Elie Wiesel all needed help from upstanders on their road to surviving the Holocaust,and without it survival would have been nearly impossible, these are three different cases that all have one glowing similarity, that being the contributions of others to help them fight the persecution, and from all of these testimonies we can draw something that should be applied today.

All of these stories share the common ground of having help. There are so many different ways to help a person, especially when times are so hard as they were during the Holocaust. One way you can help is by offering physical help, an example would be the sewer workers choosing to help Krystyna’s family. They were very helpful, bringing food and clean water to families living in the sewer. They risked their jobs and even their lives to help others who were in need. Without the resources they provided to kids like Krystyna there is no way these families would have survived. Another type of help that can be offered is inspiration. In Elie’s case his father was his inspiration, he helped by providing hope. Elie
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