Persuasive Essay On The Impact Of Social Media

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Simple answer? YES!

Sure social media makes promotion for events super easy as it expands your reach and its much easier (and cheaper) to promote more frequently. But if thats the only way youre using social media in relation to your event, keep reading because im gonna tell you ways to boost your event with social media that isn't purely promo.

Before the Event

First and foremost, social media platforms like Facebook make it incredibly easy to estimate visitor numbers to your event. Just create a Facebook event, Share it on your businesses social media accounts, then TADAAAA anyone who is interested or going to your event can click the relevant button and you have instant analytics into how many people you can estimate to see at your event. As people begin to click interested or going, that status then shows up on their friends timelines expanding your reach even further than the people who were already interested in your business.

Social Media also allows plenty of opportunity for attendee involvement. By allowing your social media following to vote on what they want to see at your event (artists, activities, food options, guest speakers) you are able to create an event programme that you know people will enjoy.

Combine this with promotional work such as making sure attendees know the relevant hashtag (no event in 2017 and beyond is complete without one lets be real people), promo videos and encouraging people to share your posts, you are sure to have a good turnout

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