Persuasive Essay On The Path Of Success

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Everyone seems to be busy, running out of time. Adults speeding in cars because “time is money!” Or working overtime every night to just make ends meet. Even children, who are told to “enjoy your childhood” can’t. We are expected to goto college, in order to do so we must achieve stellar grades, participate in extracurricular activities and ace those standardized tests. If you do not follow the predetermined “path to success”, you will be an outcast of society. Although, there are many successful stories of college dropouts that are successful. Take David Green for example, the founder of Hobby Lobby, whose net worth is nearly $6 billion despite never attending a college. Or Rachel Ray, who also never attended college and does not have any formal training in culinary arts (Smale). These people, among many others, prove to society that the predetermined “path of success” is not necessary, and without it you can still make it big in the world. However there is a catch, if you do stick to the tradition of homework, activities and tests, there will be a considerable amount of stress that can only be relieved with self satisfaction, only achievable with your own personal effort. Being perfectly satisfied is a formidable challenge, resulting in many people having jobs, yet lack the time to pursue their own personal goals. Balancing your priorities is essential for leading happy life, a lack of order incites the worst of us. Some people's balances are a place to escape, some
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