Persuasive Essay On The Pickup Line

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“Take me to the loony bin, because you're bacon me crazy!” said the pig. “Where have you fin all my life?” said the goldfish. “I’m placing you on the endangered species list, because baby you’re one of a kind!” said the rhinoceros. All of these pickup lines are cheesy, but do they work? _______% of you said in the audience analysis surveys that you weren’t in a relationship. If you’d like a little bit of help, perk up, wake up, and pay attention. After extensive research for scientific studies proving that pickup lines have a better response rate than a simple “hello” and being on both ends of the pickup line action, I feel suited enough to give this presentation to you guys and gals today. Today I will discuss the impact of dating apps …show more content…

A surprising amount of research has been done about pickup lines in the dating arena, including a 1986 study by Chris Kleinke. There were two sections of the study, lines men use and lines women use. According to the study preferred in 1986 by Chris Kleinke, referenced in the B Good Science Blog, the participants in the study included 137 men and 163 women, 90% of which were under 27. The men were asked to list ‘lines’ that they thought would be successful. Then the women ranked them on a 7 point scale from 1 as “terrible” to 7 as “excellent”. After receiving the rankings, the lines were then grouped into three categories of types, “cute-flippant”, “direct”, or “innocuous”. From this data they observed that woman prefered innocuous lines compared to cute-flippant, however the super direct lines like “I’m easy, are you?” ranked very poorly. The following lines in particular were ranked at the best and worst. Let’s take a look at the lines by women. This study included 93 male students and 112 female students from the Universities Of California and Massachusetts. They were ranked on the same 7 point scale and these lines were ranked the best. These lines ranked the worst. “According to Psychology Today’s article titled ‘The Cognitive Psychology of Pick Up Lines’ written in August 20, 2012 by Scott Barry Kaufman a more recent study by Gary Lewandowski and some of his colleagues gave a writing task to 99

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