Persuasive Essay On The Problem Of Bullying

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In any country, in any state, and in any city, there is one thing that occurs to link all these places together: bullying. Bullying is the use of force, threat, or pressure to abuse, scare, or aggressively control others. It has become a major problem in school, at the workplace, and even online. But what makes a bully? What is the real origin and source of bullying and can it be prevented? It is believed that there are many solutions that can prevent bullying in the future for kids and even adults. Most of these solutions occur in the adolescent years of the individual; however, two solutions stand out. The two most effective ways to prevent a child from being a potential bully are through teaching individuals to handle situations appropriately and giving these individuals good role models The source of bullying is believed to come from many situations such as where the individual lives or even how he or she was raised and treated in school. Dorothy L. Espelage, Sabina K. Low, and Shane R. Jimerson are all psychologists from major colleges in the United States who have studied the effect of home and school climate, and how it leaves its mark on each student. In the School Phycology Quarterly, Espelage, Low, and Jimerson explain, “Existing scholarship suggests that classroom practices, teacher attitudes, and the broader school environment play a critical role in understanding the rates of student reports of aggression, bullying, and victimization as well as correlated

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