Persuasive Essay On The Role Of Women In Social Rights

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Women’s freedom has always been a debatable form of policies and rights. With readings from Barkty, our system aims to turn women into docile and inferiorized bodies; and breast is not exempted. (p.24) Today’s women are reluctant to be bare-breasted in public because of stereotypes that would label them as being ‘easy’, while also bringing ‘slut shaming’ into motion. (26) From the male gaze point of view, these women are yearning for attention and to be sexualized; however, they are also seen as undesirable, unable to be in a committed relationship and especially the type of woman who you wouldn’t bring to your parents for her ‘rash’ and ‘loose’ ways. (26) Once this social sanction is emplaced it means, “the loss of badly needed intimacy; for both heterosexual women and lesbians, it may well mean the refusal of a decent livelihood.” (25)
The disciplinary actions and certain sanctions can be traced throughout our history where they prostituted those “who appeared in public in the clothes of the other sex”. (24) Although this was in the past, in today’s modern day not much has changed; the modern notion to be ‘with it’ is now creating violent and public sanctions where women are unconsciously self-policing and disciplining themselves towards the image of what society deems normative. (26) In a way, “women and men alike are ideologically mystified by the dominant gender arrangements” (25) Bartky, sheds light on how the concept of normative of femininity is being increased by
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