Persuasive Essay On The Salem Witch Trials

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In the town of Salem, Massachusetts 1692, the government is a theocracy—rule by God through religious officials. The Salem Witch Trials take place here. The people of Salem, were very religious. They go to church every week, obey the commandments, never play with the devil, and witchcraft. If you did not obey these commandments people thought you were a bad Christian. If you broke these commandments there were major consequences. Church and working takes up most of the people's time. Honesty in Salem was valued very high. Lying was almost as bad as committing a murder or adultery. If you were caught in a lie, you would be hanged for your sin. Elizabeth Proctor lied to the court about her not knowing about her husband, John Proctor, affair with Abigail Williams. Elizabeth was very ill at the time of the affair. Elizabeth is to be hanged for her sin. Her execution is postponed because she claims she is pregnant, which is another lie. Ezekiel Cheever and Herrick, ask Elizabeth if she has any dolls. Elizabeth tells them she does not have a doll since she was a little girl. Ezekiel Cheever and Herrick know that Elizabeth is lying. Mary had given Elizabeth a doll just before they got there. The doll had a needle in its side, just as Abigail did. When Elizabeth is called to the court, she does not know whether to lie to tell the truth. She ends up lying about her not knowing about the affair. John begs for the judge to change his mind and not hang her. Elizabeth is accused of
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