Persuasive Essay On The Value Of Culture In Our Society

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Imagine growing up in a glass cube. Something covers all of your basic needs, including food, water, sleeping, walking, and breathing. However, you have no name, no social security number, no idea who your parents are, no idea what “parents” mean. What kind of human being would you be? You wouldn’t speak, most linguistic evidence and theory strongly suggests you wouldn’t have a voice in any recognizable form. Interactions with the world define ourselves, something we have observed or enacted in daily life tugs on our sleeve telling us how to behave. America has a great sense of entitlement over self-identification, and shuns the impact others have on us. We have the right to be whoever we want, rest of the world be damned. Our culture separates “me” from “us” so fully, we flood social media with messages promoting uniqueness, individuality, something intrinsic that makes us totally our own. This comes from advertising, movies, literature, and most vitally, the people you befriend on Facebook. “Be who you want!” “No one can replace yourself!” “Are you happy? That’s all that matters?” Sociology aims itself not at the individual or whatever sense of empowerment stems from that, but from the forces of social change, social norms, and social institutions telling us we’re individuals in the first place.
Gilbert, Arizona is well known for an unusually high population of Mormons, among the most outside of Utah. It has little record of crime, regularly clean streets, and
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