Persuasive Essay On The Walking Dead Fandom

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The Walking Dead – Fandom The Walking Dead consists of zombies, survival, and morals that are twisted into an awesome storyline that draws its audience into wanting more. If you were a true fan like me then you would know that, the Walking Dead was originally a comic book series that had several successful spin-offs. The T.V. series and the video game taken over the discourse community with its highly successful run of lately. In my research proposal, I will explain where I am doing my research, what I will be looking for, why they are appropriate research sites, what are my connections to my fandom, and hopefully teach you about unfamiliar questions you have on the Walking Dead. I will be examining the Walking Dead creativity, as a result of how they play on the fear and mind of the audience. This leads you to believe that fear is far from the possible truth. I will research, ‘The Walking Dead Comics, Video Game Confessions, and Fan Fiction’ on Tumbler explaining how the credibility of the Walking Dead draws so much fear in its audience’s heart. I will be looking for different types of…show more content…
My connection to the Walking Dead beyond the storyline. I always wanted to be informed of extra information, like what kind of zombies I should be aware of, what are the survival methods of living in an apocalypse, and people morally irresponsible towards one another. For instance, the three basic types of zombies are walkers, runners, and flesh eaters. You have to grasp each type to of zombie to know how to defeat them. You may be thinking, shoot them in the brain, but it is not that simple. You need to know their movements, there traits, and how they like to eat. They will do whatever it takes to attain you, and at nighttime, they are at the worst. They will jump through windows, run endlessly, and be in massive groups. It will not be effortless as you

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