Persuasive Essay On Tissue Lacks

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I believe that anybody shouldn’t run along through what the doctors did to Henrietta Lacks. Henrietta persisted a mother of five children and after she gave birth to her fifth children, she occurred to be diagnosed with cervical cancer. The doctors stole her cells without her permission. From there on evolution of laws have been concerning tissue search. One of the issues comes to pass if people should be given the legal ownership of their tissues. In my opinion, I feel like everybody should be given the legal right of their tissues. In 1951, 2009, and 1999 many laws were different than now. One law that was different was if doctors took cells without permission it was totally fine and the government didn’t care. For example, one quote that the text lists is,” When I tell people the story of Henrietta Lacks and her cells, their first question is usually Wasn’t it illegal for doctors to take Henrietta’s cells without her knowledge? Don’t doctors have to tell you when they use your cells in research? The answer is no- not in 1951 and not in 2009…” What this piece of evidence is trying to say is that the doctors back then didn’t really care about if what they were doing was right or wrong and if the patient's approved of what they did to their cells. Another piece of textual evidence is,” When you go to the doctor for a routine blood test or to have a molecule removed, when you have an appendectomy, tonsillectomy, or any other kind of ectomy, the stuff you leave behind

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