Persuasive Essay On Tobacco-Free Campus

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Tobacco-Free On August 15th, 2015 Southern Connecticut State University became a Tobacco-free campus. By being tobacco-free, Southern promised that all forms of smoking and tobacco use were “prohibited in all facilities and outdoor areas of campus, without exception.” This should be a major triumph, and great leap forward, for the university’s on-going goal to become as eco-friendly as possible. However, there has not been any noticeable enforcement of this policy, even though it was made very clear that “those who violate the policy may be subject to disciplinary action or may be in violation of state law.” Therefore, although this policy is respectable, it is undoubtedly failing due to it not being enforced on campus. Being a successful tobacco-free campus is incredibly important because it is known that cigarette smoking is the most prevalent amongst college students. College is the time where most individuals begin smoking and experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Therefore, if a campus is successfully tobacco free then that makes it much harder for the students to be influenced into smoking. This is because those within the age group of eighteen to twenty-five years…show more content…
It shows their determination to do what is right, and their motivation to ensure it’s executed properly. However, if they do not execute the policy in an effective manner then it can damage the school’s reputation instead of boosting it, and this is what Southern is struggling with. But, in no means is it a lost cause. As long as these steps are taken seriously there is no doubt that Southern will succeed at being a Tobacco-free campus. The only thing everyone involved must understand is that the need to put in their maxium effort: the harder they try the likelier they are to succeed, and be the campus they are striving to
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