Persuasive Essay On Tobacco Free Campus

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To Mr. Paul A. Hinkle

Evan Wald


Tobacco-Free Campus Inititive

The biggest new trend here at college campuses across the country is to become tobacco free. The reason behind this is that too many people become annoyed and sick from tobacco smoke that is not from there own doing. Tobacco is the number one killer year after year in our socitey. Enough people die every year to fill up an entire National Football Leauge Stadium, which hold around 400,000 people. Now isnt that crazy. A stop needs to be put to all of these deaths and the number one way to start this trend is to enforce tobacco free rules at extremely populated places, college campuses for example.

The American College Health Association recommends that colleges and universities "Develop a strongly worded tobacco policy that reflects the best practices in tobacco prevention, cessation, and control.” More and more colleges need to push the Tobacco free
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After completing the research that I did for this essay, I can see clearly that it is not just myself that I am hurting when I use tobacco on campus, but that I am hurting other students that are just trying to get an education, and also am hurting my schools reputation by now having people think that Coastal Carolina University is a smoking school with a non-tobacco free campus. I now realize how much harm can come from using tobacco, no matter what form it is in, on my college campus.

I tottally agree with the policy as it relates to the offender, i maintain my innocence in this and had I been the one who left the chewing tobacco in my room I could see where i would be wrong. But as it was my ex-roomates (who got kicked out of housing for tobacco use and alcohol) i can see the effects that tobacco has and also see the downward spiral that it spent him in. Once again i reitterate that if it was mine, the policy is more than
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