Persuasive Essay On Tobacco : The Use Of Tobacco

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For me growing up in central Illinois, tobacco was as much a part of life as were the cornfields we were trapped in by. My father for as long as I can remember chewed tobacco, so naturally I followed suit. Once I started drinking (and particularly in the Navy) everyone was smoking, so yet again naturally I followed along. Like a helpless little sheep I followed the crowd. It does not take much to persuade young adults that something is not only not bad for them, but they will look like a total and full fledged badass in the process. Tobacco for example, and more specifically cigarettes. Winston in their ad in an issue of “Field and Stream Magazine” published in September of 2017 is no exception. The tobacco giant is extremely persuasive in…show more content…
It is difficult to see how anyone would not get pulled into this advert. Everyone wants to be the center of attention and the advertiser plays heavily on those feelings. From the cool cat on the Harley, to the female staring seductively at the men. The ad is attempting to appeal to your pathos by saying buy these cigarettes and you to can have the female of your dreams. Winston is also appealing to pathos by using Harleys in their ad. Harleys equal the ultimate form of masculinity, freedom, the open road. It is the ultimate appeal to pathos. Winston also makes an appeal to the audiences logos, most notably by the surgeon general's warning stating that smoking is addictive. However less notably and clouded, would be the idea that by smoking you look cool. That by smoking females are gonna want you, and it will make you virtually irresistible. Making an appeal that with these cigarettes you will have everything you need to soar as free as a eagle on the open air. Lastly the advertiser makes an attempt at the audiences ethos, by implying that the cigarettes have class. Winston is a trustworthy brand, they've been around since the dawn of man, and you can trust old things right? Furthermore in the main characters beard, there's a certain appeal to a dad figure, as well as a freedom aspect, all pointing towards its okay you can trust me. One of the riders is even wearing a helmet, appealing to the audiences
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