Persuasive Essay On Transgenders

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Female sports are being ruined, because males are identifying themselves as females and competing with an unfair advantage. The biological men are causing a big problem around the world. They are breaking records and winning competitions in wrestling, weightlifting, track, softball, volleyball, basketball, mixed martial arts, and more. Transgenders competing in women’s sports ask for equality, but it is proven that men are bigger and stronger than women, so they are making the sports unfair for the biologically born women. You are either born as a male or a female, with this being said, you get all the attributes that come with that. Everyone identified as a transgender needs to realize that they cannot change their sex. There have been…show more content…
More hemoglobin allows the muscles to work harder for a longer period of time. The higher aerobic capacity, gives men the advantage over women when running events over 800 meters. Men also have longer and stronger bones, they are denser and have stronger ligaments, which make men less prone to injury. Longer bones allow for men to be taller and have greater leverage and because the bones are also stronger, they help support their larger body frame. This can be a huge advantage when competing in sports such as wrestling, weightlifting, football, and mixed martial arts. On another occasion of events a mixed martial arts competitor, claimed to be overpowered when she fought a transgender female. She announced that her opponent had a stronger grip that was beyond anything she had ever gone against. A male has bigger hands and shoulders, they are mechanically better, so they can throw harder and faster punches. The transgender managed to knock out the female within the first two minutes of the first round. I am not surprised as it is basically a man fighting a woman. Many times lawsuits are filed against organizations, because of their rules that don’t allow transgender women to play. A lawsuit was once filed against the International Women’s Football League, because a transgender was denied the right to play for them. The league will only accept biologically born female players, since they believe that Transgenders have an advantage. The
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