Persuasive Essay On Underage Drinking

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Underage drinking is one of the largest problems that we have in the United States. This is a problem because alcohol is an item that nobody under twenty-one years of age is allowed to purchase or consume. People who are underage are punished by law when they consume or attempt to purchase alcohol illegally. This makes people under twenty-one want alcohol even more. In other countries where the drinking age is lower, there are less problems because it gives parents the push to teach their children how to drink responsibly. If at eighteen years old, someone can go to war and vote for the future of our country, why not lower the legal drinking age from twenty-one to eighteen years old? Lowering the drinking age would not only lower the rate…show more content…
Lowering the drinking age would help keep youth out of trouble with the law. Peter Coors, from the Coors Brewing Company, said that "Maybe the answer is lowering the drinking age so that kids learn to be responsible about drinking at a younger age…I'm not an advocate of trying to get people to drink, but kids are drinking now anyway. All we've done is criminalize them"(Issues and Controversies). If underage people are going to drink anyway, it makes more sense to lower the drinking age, so at least they could do it legally, without getting in trouble. “…these young adults are getting in trouble with the law by receiving Minor in Posessions or having their fake ID confiscated. By lowering the legal drinking age to 18, most college students would be allowed to drink without the worries of getting caught” (Debatewise). Some college students use a fake ID in order to buy alcohol and when they are caught, they come into trouble with the law or the establishment. “All states have penalties for fake id possession, sale, or use, and most consider this a felony. Even so, many high school and college students report that they have a fake id for purposes of obtaining alcohol” (Speakup). People under the age of twenty-one years old are receiving felony charges for trying to buy alcohol, something that shouldn’t be restricted from “legal” adults. Lt. Tony Corman with the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco said, "So far
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