Persuasive Essay On Underage Drinking

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There is a problem in the controversy of whether or not twenty-one is the appropriate legal drinking age. Many state that they believe it should be higher, but I feel that it should be lowered to eighteen. Underage drinking has been a controversial issue for years but it is still not under control. Teens keep trying to buy alcohol with fake identification cards, drink, get into bars, and drink illegally. Some sneak into twenty-one and up areas. As a teen myself, I have seen that these things are happening right now in the world. Not only in college but in high school it was happening as well. There are a lot of facts that help reason with why the drinking age should be lowered to eighteen; the most obvious reason is too many people are drinking before they are twenty-one. Some liquor stores, bars, and clubs all want to make money and if they can get away with selling to underage teens then they will and don’t care. It is clear that the law has not been working in preventing undreage teens from drinking. There would be a lot of benefits to having the drinking age lowered to eighteen. The amount of binge drinking would lessen, and the outrage to drink would also decrease. According to Smith, he came to the conclusion that most of binge drinking come from all types of campuses across the country. Researchers reported that more college students were drinking to get drunk than versus the way it was a decade before. Nowadays, it is more common for a high number of students to drink purposely to get drunk. Bringing the drinking age down from twenty-one to eighteen is a good idea because it will most likely help create some responsibility, controlled alcohol consumption, and bring fairness. Lowering the legal drinking age back to eighteen can be dangerous because the brains of the eighteen to twenty year old age groups are not fully developed. Sometimes binge drinking and alcohol addiction rates can go up, and the drinking and driving rates might increase. Every day, thousands of deaths happen because of drunk driving, and everyday people are facing the consequences of irresponsible people. Because of the issues caused by irresponsible drinking, the US government passed
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