Persuasive Essay On Updating Your Homes

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When it comes to bathroom renovations there are a number of trends that have come and went. How do you make sure that when you are updating your bathroom that you don't fall victim to the latest fad? While it basically comes down to installing updates that you desire there are some renovations that will fare better than others when it comes to the resale value of your home. Below you will find some tips on where it makes sense to spend your bathroom renovation dollars.

One of the most overlooked part of the bathroom space is the medicine cabinet. To me this is a travesty. A major focal point in your bathroom should not have to vie for attention over fancy imported tile. The medicine cabinet should be one item that is picked out at the beginning
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Adding a dual-flush toilet is the most economical and practical addition to the bathroom. If you have never seen a dual flush toilet it is important to understand the benefits of how they work. There are two buttons on the toilet tank. One button will allow only a small amount of water to be used, for instance when only urine is present. The other button is for solid waste and allows you to shoot a larger amount of water in the toilet. This is the perfect addition to any bathroom renovation.

Another addition that is ideal in bathroom renovations is touchless systems including lighting, faucets and soap dispensers. The benefits are obvious in that without having to touch anything you keep the spread of germs to a minimum. The use of automatic fixtures promote safety, environmental friendliness and are economical. The extra cost upfront for automatic, or touchless features will come back to tenfold in other savings.

As with any space in your home you have to live in it and it has to function for your family. When considering any renovation list the goals you have with the space. What do you want the renovation to accomplish? Some spaces are renovated only to improve upon the aesthetics of the space while others are based on improve the functionality of the space. Think about what you want out of the end result and work from there to design a space that is perfect for your home and
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