Persuasive Essay On Vaccines

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If one is sick In this day and age in which we live in today, medical advances have made a huge impact on how we as human live our lives. Now we do not have fear disease itself because we can kill it with very advanced medicine. One of the major medical advances which began way back in 1796 with the first ever recorded vaccination in Berkeley, England has came a long way since its initial days. Before vaccines, many children died from variety of diseases such as whooping cough, measles, and polio and far greater issues. But now there prevention for all this disease it call Vaccination. Since children are the more messy and are always surrounded with many other children, germs, it is needed, and required for the child to be vaccinated for a child's health and wellbeing. The lives of millions of American children has been protected due to vaccinations. Despite the controversy surrounding vaccinations they provide. Therefore, vaccinations against all life threatening infections must be mandatory and enforced by the federal government for the general public to ensure the health and wellness of the population as a whole. Although there's a good number of guardian, parents that do not want to their child to be vaccinated due to it being against their, religion, belief and morality within what they see in vaccination, yet they are required to take the vaccinated because the child's health. than the side effect within children that are about to enroll in both

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