Persuasive Essay On Violence

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You see human beings doing stuff for no reason or just because they feel like it. Most never have a reason they just do it out of spite. People minding their business still get caught in the crossfire, “A justified fear of Trump does not justify violence against an individual just trying to leave a rally.”(Newkirk), you could be minding your own business and still get caught in the middle of violence. Protesters see people fighting in protest because it gets heated and people just gets irritated with each other, most are so stubborn that they only believe what they believe. When violence occurs more violence follows. While some others think that violence is justified there are multiple reasons why it’s not. Violence is a problem.…show more content…
They are not being violent on their own. These Trump supporters have a leader who we all know. This group of bikers who support trump beat up a man because trump yelled, “get him out of here” (Nguyen) because he was waving a Russian flag. Trump himself said he would punch a protester if they were close enough to him. These supporters are being told what to do. Knowing that Trump says ‘get him out of here’ makes the supporters violent means something. People are full of rage and are taking it out on someone or something. Both supporters and protesters are guilty of violence. It’s not okay. As soon as someone doesn’t agree with the other person extreme measures happen. These people are just full of anger that’s why they are protesting. Trump made these people angry by being racist towards them. He has called the immigrants of Mexican descent rapist and threatens them. These people have a right to be mad. Trump keeps making it worse by saying things that he shouldn’t say. He is openly racist and doesn’t care. He is unleashing something bigger than expected. He doesn’t realize what he is doing. America is not a safe place anymore and it has grown even more dangerous for the second continuous year now. This violence we see has not been given a reason for why this is happening. The only thing we see is Trump is getting these protesters and supporters riled up these protest have just gotten too far out of hand. America can no longer handle
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