Persuasive Essay On Volunteering

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Hi there, thank you for your question about the benefits of volunteering to the volunteer. All up, one of the key benefits of volunteering (I add my own experience here!) is adding purpose to one's life, and/or doing something meaningful or useful. Other benefits include longevity, lower blood pressure, less stress, a greater appreciation of time, perspective, and better self esteem. Please find my deep dive below. HEALTH BENEFITS Live longer: Over 40 international studies confirm that volunteering can add years to your life, or a 22% reduction in mortality rates. As little as 25 hours a year can be beneficial. People who volunteer after a heart attack have reported a reduction in despair and depression — factors that have been linked to an increased likelihood of death in heart attack patients. This is according to The Health Benefits of Volunteering: A Review of Recent Research Volunteering can help people cope with a chronic illness, by helping them take their mind off a problem. A study by Pain Management Nursing found that people's pain ratings dropped from 6 to 4 after volunteering – such activity also helps people feel more in control of their pain. Lower blood pressure: A study by Psychology and Aging found that adults over 50 who did 200 hours over a year were 40% less likely to have hypertension than non-volunteers. The lowered stress combined with being active are thought to be the keys here. Cholesterol: Canadian tenth-graders in a recent study lost weight and had better cholesterol profiles compared to their non volunteering peers. Another controlled study found that older people who tutored children through a program showed improved stamina, memory, flexibility, and lower levels of depression. EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL BENEFITS Added meaning to life -Having a social impact and connecting with others is one of the best things for one's mental health. Citizens Advice Bureau published a study that also found that volunteering boosts self esteem. In an alienated world, the value of developing social bonds and an expanded social life shouldn't be underestimated. Volunteering helps people manage and lower stress levels. Helping others, our body releases oxytocin, which buffers stress.
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