Persuasive Essay On Voting In Elections

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Voting in elections is so much fun! However, before you can do any voting, you must register to vote. Read on to learn more about registering! Requirements to Register There are many many options to choose from if you need to register to vote in Georgia! However, there are still some requirements you must meet in order to do the task of voting: I. You must be a US citizen! II. You must be a legal resident of a county in Georgia! III. You must be at least 17 ½ years old when you register to vote. This is because you must turn 18 before or on Election Day! *However, if you are currently serving a sentence for a felony conviction, or you are deemed mentally incompetent by a judge, you cannot vote! :( If you meet all of these wonderful requirements, you can register to vote! Yay! Registering to Vote To officially register to vote in GA,…show more content…
This step is very important!! Thanks to the great Motor Voter Act, you can also register to vote at the GA Department of Driver Services when you APPLY for or RENEW your driver’s license. Out of State? No worries! You can still register to vote in GA if you are a legal resident who is currently outside of state, overseas, or actively serving in the military. If you are overseas or actively serving in the military, you must complete this form that enables you to register and request an absentee ballot. Here’s a handy-dandy link! If you are a legal resident of Georgia that is currently residing out of state, you must complete your Georgia voter registration by mail. Follow the instructions under “Registering to Vote”, but if you know that if you will be out of town, make sure to request an absentee ballot. Any more questions? Be sure to drop by my "ASK BOX"!
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