Persuasive Essay On Watch College Sports

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Keep College Sports! “ I definitely watch college football on Saturdays.” - Clay Matthews III. This quote has a lot to do with this topic, whether college sports are important to a university or not. This quote is coming from a professional football player, and if he doesn't get enough football playing every sunday, then he must really like watching college football. It brings in tons of money for the university, it helps the student stay busy with watching sports or playing the sports, and it will help them stay out of trouble. It could even help a high school student pick a college they want to go to, by their sports teams. If you were to take away college sports, then the university would be pretty lame with not a lot to do to keep athletes …show more content…

Well the main one should be academics of course, but believe it or not most kids choose their colleges because of their sports teams. From a perspective of a soon to be college athlete I choose which one had the best academics and sporting program, and if you don't have the best sports teams and you are not very heard of then not a lot of people are going to go to your college, And television is a great way to show off your college by watching a sport event of a college team. If you grow up watching your favorite college team all the time since you were three you are going to want to go to that college because you just grew up watching them all the time, that's the way I was and now I am committed to play baseball and of my long time favorite colleges. College sports have a huge impact on what your decision to do for college. College sports have a huge impact on everyone's life, it even depicts what you do all Saturday. It bring a large amount of money for universities, they help high school students choose their college of their preference, and it helps keep the students of the university stay out of havoc. So it is very vital to keep college sports important to a college. So this is why sports in college are very important to a student's success and for them to have fun while they are in

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