Persuasive Essay On Water And Gold

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Money is nothing more than a governmental structure where people are forced to accept the fact that a thin slip of paper holds essential value. For instance, to society, water and gold have two different values, as well as two different functions. Although water is a sustenance, gold is somehow worth more. If humans had no concept of value, we would be less intelligent than monkeys, because even they can understand the difference of value between food and dirt. Different countries have created their own form of currency, the modern dollar bill being created by the United States government. Therefore, the government has the ability to do whatever they wish because they can print more paper money, and ultimately devalue the dollar any time they want.
This creates a problem. Eventually, if the government continues to devalue the dollar, more will become poor, and majority of American citizens will be living in poverty. Therefore, we must prepare for this outcome. Objections may include that “Obama fixed everything that was wrong with America,” or that “Trump will make America Great Again.” As unpleasant as preparing for an economic collapse sounds, it is something we must do. You might be thinking that if all of your debts are wiped out during an economic collapse, you might as well live it up now, but that will only create chaos within the country.
I now propose to you a solution, and furthermore, a way to prepare. I urge readers to focus on the five basics – food, water,
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