Persuasive Essay On Wellness

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What does it feel like to wake up every morning with a purpose? A purpose to shine a glimmering light over the entire world and watch the little cities, one by one, illuminate. Let me tell you, it is rejuvenating. Spreading wellness is like popping a happiness pill into each and everyone's mouth. In order to light up the entire world, we need to discover what is preventing us from living life to its fullest. According to Journalist, David Masci, ever since the early 1900's, particularly after World War 2, Americans felt the appetite to celebrate their victory with sweet and flavorful food. This promoted thousands of fast food chains to open up (Masci). Masci points out that Americans didn’t care about nutrition or exercise, they cared about their taste buds being satisfied. In result, a dramatic increase of the risk for diseases left many average citizens struggling for their lives and some even lying dead (Masci). With the popularity of wellness unveiling and the rise of nutritious food choices in grocery stores and restaurants, numerous organizations have teamed up together to fight for an innovation in lifestyle. Health Scientists have nosedived into the deep components of a lifestyle in which the heart is fully nourished and determined that these five aspects restrict any sort of destruction: Eating a healthy diet, alcohol in moderation, 30 Minutes of exercise a day, no smoking, and sustaining a body mass index of less than 25 kg/m2, which is extremely easy if pursuing
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