Persuasive Essay On Wheelchair Rugby

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Have any of you ever witness Wheelchair Rugby? It is an adaptive sport and one of the most intense sports I’ve ever thought would be possible for someone who had a disability. There are athletes who have mindsets that would put most to shame.
Regarding the mindset of many adaptive sport athletes, in general, these exceptional athletes have to be seeking the intenseness, fierceness, and competitiveness that they had previously experienced before their setback (if we can call this a setback). In all respects, the type of high risk injury that caused the disability (i.e., quadriplegia, for example) could be a similar risk level as the sport which now gives them the ability to continue seeking the same type of adrenaline and dopamine rushes along with personal satisfaction (i.e., intrinsic motivation) as before. I’m not necessarily one to ever desire participating in wheelchair rugby or any other type of adaptive sport, but I am glad these sports exists for those driven after an accident, for example. What intrigues me the most regarding these athletes is that their new lives demonstrates that if any of us ever experience quadriplegia, for example, we could continue in a sport or an activity that required partial use of our upper body. This would require a passion and a driven spirit with self-determination on the intrinsic side of the continuum with a complex set of goals with specific action plans for each step.
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