Persuasive Essay On Who I Am To Me

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So, I’m gunning through the various essay questions and I come to the final question. At last my prolonged speeches come to their inevitable end and I prepare to once again pull up my search engine in order to find other possible sources of college income that I could take pride in knowing I received. Then, I read the prompt wants me to convey to the reader a sense of who I am. I just take a mental pause and really start to question “well what the heck does that even mean?” I could describe to you so many deep intimate and personal aspects of my life, but I find it hard to choose just one.Therefore, I shall make an attempt to express who I think I’ve become in my lifetime.

It was just another average school day, so average in fact I couldn’t even tell you what I had for lunch that day. I was walking to my parent's job, which is conveniently right down the street from my school. Once I arrived, I waited for them outside of the clinic doors which normally separated employees from patients, little did I know today that was the furthest thing from the truth. A slender white male, I now know as Jason, walked up to me and began to speak, “You’re Kenya’s son right? What’s up man?” A look of bewilderment betrayed my face as Jason began shooting off questions. He asked me where I went to school because even though he worked there he was very unfamiliar with the area. Eventually, the questions became slightly uncomfortable as he asked me what post secondary institution I
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