Persuasive Essay On Why School Day Should Start Later?

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The school day should start later. Why? because students can get enough sleep and can get ready and eat if school days start later. If school days start later than students will have the sleep they need. Students would be in good moods. We should go to school later because kids need energy for school. Students could get enough sleep then they can have a better time at school. If they have more sleep they won’t want to go to bed in school. Sometimes kids go to bed at 3:00 am and wake up at 6:00 am and that’s not a lot of sleep for a student who has to stay up for a long time for homework. If students got more sleep than they would not be in a bad mood. Students should get the sleep they need. These are the pros that will happen if school days start later.…show more content…
They would because some people’s parents work days and they can’t take or pick up their kids from school. That would mean kids would have to get bus rides or rides from a friend. What if the friend wasn’t at school and went for a vacation that would mean you would have no ride to school or home. I agree with pro because school would be better with the sleep we need. Students can wake up and get ready and eat. Every student needs food and sleep so with going to school later than what we do then students won’t be in bad moods unless they are in a bad day. Sometimes bad days are caused for girls because they didn’t have enough time to put makeup on or do what they needed. Girls will be sad if they don’t get makeup on. The reason why we should is because all of that will happen. I think school should start later because students can have 1) a good day 2) girls can be happy because they got all their makeup on 3) they can have the sleep they need for
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