Persuasive Essay On Why Schools Should Start Later?

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Is it just me or do you have a hard time waking up in the morning? In this essay I am going to tell you why schools should start later. I chose this article because I personally had trouble getting out of bed for school in the mornings. I am going to defend the pros side for the article “Should the School Day Start Later.”
Wouldn’t you love if the school day started later? While that’s what I am here for. One reason I think we should start the school day later is scientist have proven that people who sleep later are actually smarter. I am sure that the teacher wants the kids ready to learn. Also there are kids that live far from the school and they have to wake up even earlier to get to school on time. Maybe they have to take their older brother or sister to school on the way. I think that if the school day started later then that will help my parents in the morning. It would help parents because usually there is always that one parent that has to argue with their kid in the morning. When you wake up arguing with your parents then your whole day is ruined. These are the pros of why we should start school later.
Why should we start the school day later? One reason we shouldn’t start the school day later is
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It should start later because it helps kids with learning. You want kids to be the best they can be right? Well people have proven that people who sleep later their brains are more active when they wake up. Little kids at least need 10-12 hours of sleep. Some kids stress over little things. When you stress too much then they won’t get good sleep. Than their brains won’t be ready for school the next day. Also, the kids that live far have to wake up earlier than the kids that leave close and they won’t get good enough sleep. If the school day starts later than the kids that live far won’t have a problem. Especially for the fancy schools, like the academy and private schools. These kind of school are very
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