Persuasive Essay On Why Students Cheat

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In the middle of taking the final exam, the most important test of the term, I look up, only to see the wandering eyes of my neighbor. He’s looking at my answer sheet. Thoughts are running wild through my head, almost as if I could change his life at this moment. There are several actions I could take. I could casually get up and tell the teacher, or help a buddy out and slide my sheet a little closer to him, or simply ignore what is happening. All of these choices will effect him in one way or another. If I told the teacher, he would simply take a zero on the test, and his grad would suffer significantly. If I slid my answers closer to him, I would take the risk of both of us being caught for cheating. If I didn’t do anything at all, I wouldn’t be affected, but he would be tested on my knowledge rather than his own. There are many reasons that cause students to cheat, but there are also problems either now or later in life that can and will affect them.
Cheating is more common in schools than teachers think. When students have an easier way of doing something, why would they put all the work into a worksheet, when they could just copy off of someone? Teachers threaten the consequences of cheating all the time, but students continue to cheat. The reason for doing this, is simply the fact that students don’t get punished, or in fact caught for it. When a twitter survey was conducted, 67 students participated, with a total of 69% of students saying that yes, they have
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